Mandatory information standards are introduced to ensure that consumers are provided with important details of a product to enable them to make appropriate personal choices. Information standards require suppliers to give consumers prescribed information when they purchase specified goods for example, ingredient labeling for cosmetics, labeling for tobacco products and care labeling for clothing and textile products. While information standards may be safety related, they need not be.


# Categories Details
1 General Safety Regime
  1. Consumer protection which is based on Part III: General consumer product safety under the Consumer Protection Law 1999 [Act 599].
  2. All products (goods & services) supplied, offered or advertised must be safe.
  3. "Reasonable standard of safety to be expected by a reasonable consumer" - due regard to nature of goods or services.
2 Specialised Safety Regime
  1. Consumer protection which is based on high risk products.
  2. Regulators are responsible to oversea and enforce specific related products such as:
    • Medicines - Ministry of Health
    • Electrical goods - Energy Commission of Malaysia
    • Pesticides - Ministry of Agriculture
    • Automobiles - Road Transport Department


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